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January 3, 2019

Movie Guys Podcast rates movies on what we call a "Popcorn Rating" the scale goes from no bag of popcorn to a large bag of popcorn. Starting in 2019 every post that Movie Guys Podcast release will have a popcorn rating scale on the post. 



                              Large Popcorn (considered a great film and a must see)                                                      



Medium Popcorn (considered a decent film with some issues but not terrible)



Small Popcorn (considered a OK film not great with many issues)



No Bag of Popcorn (considered a terrible film nothing good about it)




The GOLD HEADPHONE is awarded to the actor/actress or director(s) that we have reviewed three (3) times or more over the years. 


Marvel and DC Franchise will not count on this list since there are many films the actors are in within the same franchise


Gold Headphone Winners List

  • The Rock ( Dwayne The Rock Johnson Series, Skyscraper,Rampage)
  • Eric Heisserer (Screenplay Writer) (The Thing 2011, Arrival, Bird Box)


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