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Call It In The Ring- Hell In A Cell 2019

Call It In The Ring- Hell In A Cell 2019

October 11, 2019

Is this the PPV the kills WWE? A lot of people say this PPV is the worst PPV in a very long time. Download now to see what Ryan and Jordan feel about this years Hell in a cell. 

Movie Guys Podcast-Joker

Movie Guys Podcast-Joker

October 9, 2019

Well Joker is finally here and we are excited to review this movie. Join the movie guys as they travel to 1981 as Gotham in filled with trash and clowns. You have never seen Joker like this before and this review is not one to miss. Download now to find out what the movie guys think about Joker. 


Movie Guys Podcast Awards 2019

Movie Guys Podcast Awards 2019

October 4, 2019

Novemeber is right around the corner and that means our annual Movie Guys Podcast Awards fans voting poll will be open for you the fans. The host of Movie Guys Podcast want to hear from you all so this is the time when you get to choice the winners and losers of 2019. This will be our scheudle for voting in 2019. 


  • November 15th Voting polls will be open on this site a link will be provided 
  • December 15th Voting polls will be closed
  • December 18th our annual awards show will be posted with the winners of 2019


 2019 Movie Guys Podcast Awards Announcement 


 The Categories are

  1. Best Film
  2. Worst Film
  3. Best Superhero movie
  4. Most Disappointing film of the year
  5. Best Director
  6. Best Actor/Actress
  7. Worst Actor/Actress
  8. Fan Favorite Episode of the year 
Movie Guys Podcast- Rambo: Last Blood

Movie Guys Podcast- Rambo: Last Blood

September 26, 2019

For the first time ever Ed, Eric and Jordan all agree on a movie. Spoiler alert the Movie Guys gives this movie a no bag of popcorn rating. Which means it is one of the worst films we have ever reviewed. Download now to see what we think about this disaster.


For Your Distraction-D Twenty What
Movie Guys Podcast-Rambo Franchise

Movie Guys Podcast-Rambo Franchise

September 18, 2019

In this most recent episode of Movie Guys Podcast Eric, Jordan and Ryan talk about everything Rambo all leading up to the release of Rambo:Last Blood. Do any of these movies hold up now a days? or are these films just another action franchise with no blood? Download to find out. 

Movie Guys Podcast-Going Live

Movie Guys Podcast-Going Live

September 17, 2019

Starting with our Rambo: Last Blood review Movie Guys will not be going live on YouTube anymore. We will however be going live right here on Podbean. When we go live we will send out a link on our social media outlets to let everyone know how they can listen live. 


Just live YouTube our live show is RAW and Unedited just simply meaning no editing with credits are updating sound quality just a raw file. 


We are so excited to go live here on Podbean and we are happy to drop YouTube. 


Call It In Ring-Clash of Champions
For Your Distraction-A Whole Similar World
Movie Guys Podcast- It Chapter Two

Movie Guys Podcast- It Chapter Two

September 12, 2019

Well the time has come IT:Chapter Two is finally here and we couldn't be more excited to do this episode. Does Chapter Two float or sink? download to find out.



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