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Movie Guys Podcast Awards 2019

October 4, 2019

Novemeber is right around the corner and that means our annual Movie Guys Podcast Awards fans voting poll will be open for you the fans. The host of Movie Guys Podcast want to hear from you all so this is the time when you get to choice the winners and losers of 2019. This will be our scheudle for voting in 2019. 


  • November 15th Voting polls will be open on this site a link will be provided 
  • December 15th Voting polls will be closed
  • December 18th our annual awards show will be posted with the winners of 2019


 2019 Movie Guys Podcast Awards Announcement 


 The Categories are

  1. Best Film
  2. Worst Film
  3. Best Superhero movie
  4. Most Disappointing film of the year
  5. Best Director
  6. Best Actor/Actress
  7. Worst Actor/Actress
  8. Fan Favorite Episode of the year 

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