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For Your Distraction

For Your Distraction

February 22, 2021

For Your Distraction says goodby to the main Movie Guys Podcast feed. Movie Guys Podcast had a wonderful time being with For Your Distraction over the years. Since both shows are a part of EMC we are focusing more on that main network. 

For Your Distraction will still have episodes archived right here on our podbean page so you can still listen to all the great shows they produced over the years. 

You can still find For Your Distraction wherever you get your podcast also on Soundcloud just search (For Your Distraction)

Movie Guys Podcast wanted to also take the time to thank For Your Distraction for all the years of this wonderful partnership and we are looking forward to continue to grow with them as we continue on with EMC. 

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For Your Distraction-The 200th Episode
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For Your Distraction-New Years At Last
For Your Distraction-Always Get The Next Round
For Your Disctraction-The Fairest Podcastybnylp
For Your Distraction-Can’t Be Convinced
For Your Distraction-Stanksgiving

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