Movie Guys Podcast- The Jaws Franchise

January 24, 2018

Welcome to our new episode special Jaws the Franchise. This episode is part of our on going retrospective episode series. Eric, Jordan & Ed talk about everything Jaws, which film is the best and which film is the worst. Download now to hear what they have to say about Jaws.

Movie Guys Podcast- Bright

January 11, 2018

In an alternate present-day where magical creatures live among us, two L.A. cops become embroiled in a prophesied turf battle.

PodPast Presents- You Hate It We Love It

January 8, 2018

Welcome to special episode of PodPast. Jordan, Best Friend Ryan and Brother Brandon each talk about a film that is generally hated but they love. 

PodPast Presents- The Sports Episode

January 2, 2018

Best Friend Ryan, Brother Brandon & Jordan talk about all things sports. From their favorite sports to sports they played in high school. 

Movie Guys Podcast- 2 Year Anniversary Show

December 30, 2017

Ed, Eric & Jordan celebrate their 2nd year and what better way to celebrate than with a anniversary show. They boys talk about everything from the past year and also a top 10 list. 

PodPast Presents-Our First Screenplay’s

December 24, 2017

Best Friend Ryan, Brother Brandon & Jordan wanted to share their first screenplay ideas before film school. There are some very cool stories that are included in this episode download to find out more.