PodPast Presents- Back to the Future Part II (Commentary Episode)

February 18, 2018

We are going back to the future with part 2 of our Back to the Future commentary series. Join brother Brandon, best friend Ryan & Jordan as they watch Back to the Future part 2, talk about the good  the bad and the ugly of this second film. 

PodPast- Fudge It (part 3)

February 18, 2018

Welcome to fudge it part 3. Brother Brandon has been sick so Best Friend Ryan and Jordan decide to bring you all another fudge it, there is no excusses for you to not to download this episode. 

PodPast Presents- the Marriage Episode

January 26, 2018

Best friend Ryan, brother Brandon & Jordan are married guys and in this episode the boys talk about everything marriage. Brandon has been married for 9 years, Ryan has been married for 5 months and Jordan has been married for 5 years. So you don't want to miss out on this very interesting episode.  

PodPast Presents-Our First Screenplay’s

December 24, 2017

Best Friend Ryan, Brother Brandon & Jordan wanted to share their first screenplay ideas before film school. There are some very cool stories that are included in this episode download to find out more. 

Podpast Presents- Our Top Director

December 20, 2017

Brothe Brandon, Best Friend Ryan & Jordan talk about their favorite director when they grew up download this episode now to hear who they choose.

PodPast Presents- The Disney & Pixar Episode

December 7, 2017

Brother Brandon, Best Friend Ryan & Jordan talk everything Disney & Pixar in this episode. We do into detail about Walt Disney himself, the history of the Disney Company and what our favorite Disney films are. You don't want to miss out on this awesome episode. Download now and take a listen. 

PodPast Presents- The Fudge It 2: Electric Boogaloo

November 30, 2017

It's time for PodPast to do another Fudge It episode. In this episode we talk about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and much more. 

PodPast Presents- Technology part 1 Internet

November 22, 2017

Welcome to our first episode of an on going series called Technology. Each time the podpast team will discuss a new topic in the past of technology. For this episode best friend Ryan, brother Brandon & Jordan talk about everything with computers, the world wide web, wifi & if the government should control our internet use. 

If you are interested in to know more about how the government wants to control internet then click on this link below to follow up. 



PodPast Presents- The Sex Episode

November 10, 2017

That's right folks Podpast is bringing you the sex episode. Brother Brandon, Best Friend Ryan & Jordan are joined by their wives for this very sexy episode.

PodPast Presents- The Driving Episode

October 25, 2017

Best Friend Ryan, Brother Brandon & Jordan are back with another fun episode talking about our first driving experiences. Trust us you don't want to miss out on this episode.